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All educator evaluations consist of a review of stakeholder input and student growth performance, sometimes referred to as a Student Learning Objective (SLO).  For the 2021-2022 academic year, teachers are asked to upload their evidence for the student growth and stakeholder input directly into the Perform system under the evidence tab.

The process for completing a student growth performance measure or SLO will best be accomplished through the PLC process. Departments and/or teams will work together to choose between using an existing SLO or finding and/or creating a common assessment. Student growth performance measures must include 1) A Utah State Core Standard, 2) A pre and post assessment, 3) A growth target and data to support evidence of student growth. Educators should use the instructions and form below:

Instructions for completing the student growth performance form

Student Growth Performance Fillable Form (PDF to complete in Adobe Acrobat)

Student Growth Performance Form (Word Document)